From the Cage to the Ice: Justin Schmit

by Sea Wolves Digital Media


BILOXI, MS- In the early days of the Mississippi Sea Wolves Bruce Boudreau helped create a culture with multiple rivals with the Mobile Mysticks, Louisiana Ice Gators, and the Pensacola Ice Pilots.

Many fans of the past remember the days of Roger Maxwell and Jason Hamilton. This past December during the Biloxi Pro Hockey showcase, many fans in Biloxi did not know Justin Schmit, but after the showcase, they sure did.

Sea Wolves C.O.O Joe Pace and Justin Schmit fought each other a total of four times in the month of December, two of them in Biloxi.

Schmit, a former MMA fighter spoke to us about his career as a tough guy.

“I grew up playing hockey and understood my skill level was only going to get me so far, and I kinda fell into that enforcer role”, Schmit said.

He started his professional career with the Huntsville Havoc in the 2006-07 season, clocking in a whopping 274 penalty minutes. After the 2008 season, Schmit focused on a mixed-martial-arts career.

“I owned an MMA gym at home and spent several years focused on that”, Schmit explained.

One of the biggest regrets of his MMA career was that he feels he missed an opportunity with bare-knuckle boxing.

“I never like to say never though, so maybe you will see me in a boxing ring or MMA cage once again”, Schmit said.

“I was playing Senior league hockey back at home, so I was always involved in the game at a competitive level.”

“My buddy Jarrett Rutledge gave me a call, and things moved quickly from there”, Schmit said of getting back in the pro game with the Columbus River Dragons.Photography by: 89 Photography

“I loved the three games in Biloxi. The atmosphere, and the fans. They always love the tough guys. I hope to re-sign with Columbus, and continue the rivalry we started in December”, Schmit said.

Hockey photography is included in this article courtesy of 89 Photography.


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