Jason Livery finds a unique canvas for his art.

by Biloxi Pro Hockey Media


BILOXI, MS- The Mississippi Gulf Coast has many artists. Biloxi is known for George Orr. Ocean Springs has Walter and Peter Anderson, and one of the most prolific goalie helmet painters lives in Gulfport, MS.

Jason Livery of Gulfport, owns Livery Art Studios where he is known for painting helmets for NHL goaltenders like Jake Allen and Scott Darling. He has seen his business grow, where he is seen as the premiere artist among the NHL goaltending elite.

We asked him how he made it to Gulfport, MS.

“Im originally from Chicago,” said Livery.

“Ive been a custom painter almost 30 years. Ive painted about everything you can think of over the years.” added Livery.

Livery told us he started from the bottom. His first gig in sports was painting for youth teams in Chicago.

“I started painting goalie masks up there for youth teams and such. I have family in Louisiana and the death of my grandmother brought me down and that’s when I saw airbrush shops in the local malls. We didn’t have that up there.” Livery said.

“ One of my first jobs was painting in the Airbrush shop in the Super Walmart on Hwy 49. My now very good friend owned it and gave me a shot back then. I learned a lot and fast and built a reputation on the coast,” added Livery.

Livery stopped painting and moved back to Chicago. Painting didn’t call him until he moved back to the coast after Hurricane Katrina.

“When I did, I opened my own shop in the Edgewater Mall "Twisted Tees". This is when I got involved with the Sea Wolves and did a commemorative mask, among other artists that were designed on Hurricane Katrina. I also painted a motorcycle that the Sea Wolves did a drawing for. ” Livery said.

“A few years went by and I met my wife. She is now a Lt Col in the USAF and back then we got orders to St Louis. I had to close my shop and this was the pivoting point in my career. I knew with her being an officer we had to move every 4 years. I couldn't open a shop and build a name then move and start over again every 4 years, so that's when painting goalie masks full time came about. ” Livery told us.

Livery said it was all about catching a lucky break.

 “I got a lucky break with the St Louis Blues and my career took off. I was doing many NHL and AHL goalies, as well as college.”

Jason Livery has been featured in television shows, magazines and WLOX featured him in 2017. Livery Art Studios is a world-renowned, proud military-owned business. You can learn more about Jason Livery HERE.


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