Mississippi Sea Wolves Re-Sign Jackson Bond

by Amy Bowman



Biloxi, Miss. (September 25th, 2023) – The Mississippi Sea Wolves are thrilled to welcome back forward Jackson Bond, for the 2023/2024 season. Bond's return promises to infuse the team with energy, determination, and a burning desire for success.

As Jackson Bond steps onto the ice for another season with the Sea Wolves, his focus is clear. "I would say my scoring and finishing abilities," Bond stated when asked about his primary goals for the off-season. "I don't think my numbers reflected how well I played and I know I am capable of producing way more."

Bond's dedication to improving his performance is matched only by his commitment to being a high-energy player who thrives on making life difficult for his opponents. "Well, I don't think anybody can question what type of energy I bring to the games," he declared. "I like to get physical, I like to be a pest on the ice, you know. I think I have a special ability to get under my opponents' skin."

However, it's not just about personal success for Bond; it's about the team. When asked about the keys to winning a championship this year, Bond emphasized two critical factors: unity and the "next man up" mentality. Bond explained, "Having all the boys stick together throughout all the highs and lows of the season, all united under a common goal is crucial. At the end of the day, we may not all be best friends, but if we all believe in each other and commit ourselves to the goal of raising the ship, we will be successful."

He continued, "The second thing I would say is cultivating that 'next man up mentality.' When you get to this level, crazy things happen throughout the year: injuries, suspensions, all kinds of different circumstances that can't be foreseen or sometimes prevented, so having that 'next man up mentality' is huge. All the boys need to be ready to step up and carry the load, so to speak."

Bond's enthusiasm isn't limited to the ice. He's equally passionate about bringing positive energy to the team off the rink. "I just love to play hockey and I love to win," Bond confessed. "And I am going to put 100% of myself into this game and this team while I am still young and healthy."

When asked about his ultimate goal for his hockey career, Bond's answer was clear: "Quite simply, I want to win a championship or two, and I want to leave the memory and be known as a driven, hardworking, and dedicated athlete who gave his all every shift for his team and the fans."

The Mississippi Sea Wolves eagerly anticipate Jackson Bond's return to the ice, confident that his determination and passion will elevate the team's performance in the 2023/2024 season.


The Mississippi Sea Wolves are a professional hockey team within the (FPHL) Federal Hockey Prospects League and are based in Biloxi, Mississippi. With a love for hockey and a passionate fan base, the Sea Wolves are dedicated to fostering and promoting ice hockey along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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