Organizing the Off Season

by Zachary Morgan

 The Mississippi Sea Wolves finished out the 2022-2023 season 17-35. In a whirl wind of events during their first official season as a franchise the Sea Wolves seemed to find their team chemistry in the second half of the season after firing the Head Coach. Leaving no room and no other option CEO / Player Joe Pace Jr. steps into the shoes of now yet another role and holds the title as the Sea Wolves Head Coach.

 The first season is under their belt and they have seemed to find the players that make the Sea Wolves howl. Loosing your head coach mid season isn’t something any team wants to see but the Sea Wolves managed to pull it off and look adversity in the face with a confident smile.

 Their raw talent had to find a way to make madness into magic and the Sea Wolves have done just that. We sat down for a one on one interview with Joe Pace and asked him if he is prepared for the 2023-2024 season and here is what he had to say :

 “Yeah, the goal was, you know, pretty much do what we did in Port Huron years ago, come in as a first year team and win a championship that year. And that was our goal. You know, didn't work out that way. But now it's our new goal for the second season, come out the gate strong! So yeah, if we have the right chemistry with each line and as a team and as a unit as a whole I see a promising season ahead. 

 The team we finished with was a team to watch out for. If we were making the playoffs, I feel like we could have made a splash or made a surprise. We had some really good players and everyone started to step up. But fans that were with us through this whole journey of this first season of the Seawolves coming back, they saw a player like number 16, Yaro…Yaroslav.. Yaroslav Yevdokimov, I know they like when we say his whole name lol. A player from the beginning, you knew he could play at a high level. It was just putting people around him that helped him produce. And it wasn't till we got Yianni Liarokos in here, Yianni and him got together on a line. Then they started to gel. We mixed up a few times who was with them, you know, from Wong (Philip Wong)  to J.R (Jake Raleigh), you know, Lucas (Lucas Helland) to Caranci (Matt Caranci) and Jake Raleigh stuck, 22 our little bulldog. You know, he had a big supporting role on that line.

 His job was to chase down pucks and be a workhorse for those two. And it paid off for him and those guys. I think everyone had a great season. And yeah, we finished the year. Power play was looking good. Penalty kill was good. Goaltending was looking great. The defense, our core defense got so much stronger as the year went on. And yeah, you just saw it. We were beating good teams.” 

 The Sea Wolves head coach Joe Pace seems very excited for the 23-24 hockey season as he says they will organize during the off season and prepare for the expansion draft,make some decisions on players and team roles and make a few changes in their corporate office to ensure a better team / fan / community relationship to push the Mississippi Sea Wolves forward.

* full interview w / Joe Pace is available on YouTube 

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