Reggie Barnett Jr. battles Johnny Bedford at BKFC 20

by Biloxi Pro Hockey Media


BILOXI, MS- BKFC 20: Bedford vs Barnett airs live on Friday, August 20 and features a series of bare-knuckle boxing matches, with the show's centerpiece being a fight for a vacant bantamweight belt. Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS is the venue. 

Johnny Bedford and Reginald Barnett Jr. compete in the title main event. This will be the duo's face-off for the second time. 

Former UFC fighter and Biloxi native Alan Belcher makes his BKFC debut against Tony Lopez on the same card. In addition, Biloxi native Harris Stephenson will face Melvin Guillard, also a former UFC veteran.

"I do love all physical sports. If we’re not watching hockey in our house, we're probably watching wrestling or MMA. We now have taken an interest in bare-knuckle boxing as well. It’s the closest thing to a hockey fight out there. We were thrilled to find out we were in the home of bare-knuckle boxing here in Biloxi." said Biloxi Pro Hockey C.O.O Joe Pace.

"Reggie fights out of Virginia and when speaking with his manager I found out that he played youth hockey as a kid and right then and there I knew it was a match that was meant to be. We agreed to partner together for the August 20 fights, but I feel like we’re going to be in touch and supporting each other long into the future. " Pace added.

" Yea I played roller hockey. I can remember accidentally losing control and sliding into my own goalie." said Reggie Barnett Jr.

"I started MMA when I turned 18 because my dad wouldn't sign the waiver when I was 16. I have trained boxing all my life. I finished my amateur boxing career with 108 fights amateur and MMA 15-5." added Barnett.

We asked what's next for Barnett after Friday's fight with Johnny Bedford and he assured us his focus is on Friday night's fight.  "Not really looking past Johnny right now. I'm only focused on the task at hand."

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