by Sea Wolves Digital Media

Biloxi, MS – The Mississippi Sea Wolves are thrilled to announce their three-year affiliation with Livery Art Studios for the 2022-23 season. Operated by Gulfport resident Jason Livery, the company has designed masks from youth hockey to the NHL, including goaltenders Scott Darling and Jake Allen. He has also collaborated with major NCAA programs such as Michigan State, Dartmouth and the University of North Dakota.  


Livery’s passion for painting masks began as a hobby when he was in high school. “Growing up in Chicagoland, I was a huge hockey fan,” Jason explained. “I started by painting goalie masks part-time when I was in high school. It was always a dream of mine to paint masks in the NHL, but never imagined it would really happen. After I met my wife who is now a Lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force at Keeslerwe got our first duty station together outside of St Louis, where I continued to make masks. I got my first break in the NHL with Brian Elliott when he was with the St. Louis Blues. 

Elliott was satisfied with Jason’s work and his talent was quickly displayed around the world. “Brian loved what I did with his mask. The starting goalie at the time, Jaro Halak, saw it and asked if I would do a memorial piece on his backplate in memory of his former teammate Paval Damitra. I did the backplate and it went VIRAL! It was on every sports station, paper, magazine and I was getting calls from many sports agencies wanting an interview. From that point on, I put myself on the map and built a great relationship with the Entire Blues organization which led me to be introduced to many other teams and players.” 


After years of working with the top goaltenders in the game, Livery does not have one specific mask which he says is his favorite. “I’ve made some sick masks that I love. The one I painted for Scott Darling had an all-Chicago theme to it. Another was featured in the ECHL All-Star Game one year. I painted a Military Night mask for Jimmy Howard. Others that come to mind are Tommy McCollum from the Milwaukee Admirals, Eddie Pasquale of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Adam Scheel who plays for the Dallas Stars. I have more but those are a few that stand out.”  


With Jason now living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, he sees his support and collaboration with the Sea Wolves as a no-brainer. “Being from the north, I miss having hockey near me,” Jason says. “I couldn’t NOT take care of my local team being one of the top mask painters in the world! When I heard that the Sea Wolves were officially back, I contacted my friend Joe Pace and said I’m in.”  


Sea Wolves goaltender Blake Weyrick will be the first player on the team to don a mask featuring Livery’s artwork. “I’m really looking forward to working with Blake again. I did his USA Hockey masks years ago, so I was so excited when I heard he got signed by the teamIt’s going to be mean and aggressive while also having elements of the Mississippi Gulf Coast that locals would appreciate. I look forward to hearing how the fans like it once it’s released.  


The Sea Wolves make their official return to Biloxi for their 2022 home opener on Friday, October 28 against the Columbus River Dragons. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:05pm at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.