Sea Wolves Re-Sign Team Captain Justin Barr

by Amy Bowman

Mississippi Sea Wolves Re-Sign Team Captain Justin Barr 

Biloxi, Miss. (August 22, 2023) – The Mississippi Sea Wolves proudly announce the re-signing of their team captain, Justin Barr, for the upcoming 2023/2024 season. Barr, a seasoned player and influential leader, is set to continue his journey with the Sea Wolves, where his dedication and leadership have earned him the respect and admiration of the players as well as the fans. 

As the captain of the Sea Wolves, Barr's role extends beyond the ice, and he plays an integral part in preparing the team for each game. When asked about his pre-game routine, Barr shared insights into his meticulous approach to leadership. 

"Typically, preparation for me will look like starting to mentally think about the game the night before – playing through different scenarios, all the possibilities that could happen, and just visualizing, getting dialed in. When I get up in the morning, I go to morning skate, then address any needs that I have physically and make sure that everybody is on the same page as far as game play and what we’re trying to do that night. I also address any other needs that anybody has before the game." 

Barr, who dons the captain's "C" on his chest, understands the added responsibility that comes with this honor. "Having the C on the chest, you kinda feel like obviously you bear more of a responsibility to more than just yourself, but also you kinda feel like it’s all eyes on you in a sense, and you feel responsibility for how the team performs." 

Barr's commitment to his role as captain is evident as he arrives early at the rink, ensuring he is fully prepared and available for his teammates. He mentioned, "I’m typically going to be one of the first guys to show up at the rink on game day because I try to get my stuff done that I need to get done personally so I'm not rushing. I usually see each of the guys as they arrive and quickly greet and check and make sure everyone is ready to go." 

When asked about his leadership style, he was adamant in describing how he prefers to lead by example. "I try to just demand respect by leading by example. Those guys know that every time I'm out there, I’m going to be giving every shift all I've got and not taking any shifts off. They can trust me for whatever it is they may need." 

Regarding his offseason preparation, Barr emphasized the need for continuous improvement in various aspects of his game. "Speed, hands, conditioning—I mean, thanks to working at the fire department for the last 8 years, I'm in shape, but being in ‘hockey shape’ is a whole different thing." 

When discussing where the Wolf Pack needs to improve as a unit, Barr stressed the importance of team cohesion and resilience. "I think we have a couple areas of opportunity this season, but definitely, we need to play together as a unit. It's a team sport, and we need to be team players, not a group of individuals. Team success leads to individual success. We need every single guy 1-18 playing for the guy next to him. Sacrifice for the betterment of the team." 

He added, "We also need to be more even-keeled. Not too high, not too low. We saw last year when we would get scored on, it was like guys' dogs just died. We have to have that will and that drive to overcome any adversity that comes our way. It's a belief that even when you're down, you're not out. I think if we do these things, we will find success this season." 

Reflecting on his playing style, Barr shared his evolution from a goal scorer/playmaker to a more well-rounded player. "Ten years ago, I would have said goal scorer/playmaker, haha, but here we are a bit more seasoned. I still feel like I can produce offensively, but I am really going to focus on the defensive side of my game this year and try to be a better two-way forward." 

When asked about his future as a leader and potential future coach in the league, Barr seemed open to opportunities, but focused on where he’s currently at. "Anything is possible. But for now, I want to focus on playing while I still can and enjoy it. It's different this time around having my wife and kids and sharing this experience with them has been an absolute blast. I wish it would never end! Who knows, maybe I'll play until I'm 50." 

The Mississippi Sea Wolves are excited to have Justin Barr back for the 2023/2024 season, and fans can't wait to see the captain's leadership and dedication in action once again. 

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