by Zachary Morgan , Amy Bowman

Joe Pace Jr. and the Mississippi Sea Wolves have come to an agreement and officially re-signed Lucas Helland. 

"Lucas was the biggest surprise from last season,” shared Joe Pace Jr., Mississippi Sea Wolves player and Coach. “When we hit the ice for the first day last year, I would’ve never thought he would turn into the player he is today. We still have lots of work to do to help him reach his full potential, but his presence on the ice is exactly what we’re looking for. He plays a very in-your-face style of hockey that not only we appreciate, but our fans do as well. For his size and weight he is definitely the toughest young guy in the Fed.” 

Helland agreed with Pace about his playing style. “I’ll never not be aggressive” said Helland, “I love the grit and grind of [hockey]. Our fans can still expect a hard-hitting power forward that’s added a few more offensive tools to his arsenal.” 

Helland expressed excitement at re-signing and is excited for the upcoming 2023/2024 season and training under Joe Pace Jr. “I have the utmost respect for Joe. He’s the kind of guy you go to war with. He wears many different hats and his heart on sleeve. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model entering the league. He gave me an advantage by taking me under his wing, showing me the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts–reinforcing the pack mentality I already had.” 

While waiting for the season to start, Helland has been working hard to prepare. “The goal for this summer was to get bigger, faster and stronger,” he said, “I’ve dialed in on callusing my mind and body by intentionally putting myself in uncomfortable situations. I’ve also worked on my offensive skill set to help the team win games. To put it short, I will be an absolute savage coming into this next season and look forward to showcasing that. A typical day consists of three to four hours of coaching and practice, two hours in the gym and 2 hours of mixed martial arts and Muay Thai. Also, I combined all of this with mobility training and stuffing my face to gain weight." 

As the Mississippi Sea Wolves head into this next season with a championship in mind, Helland shared his thoughts on what it takes to bring home those wins. "We need everyone to buy into the pack mentality. Nothing comes above the team and winning hockey games. We showed what we are capable of last season, but a hot start and consistency will lead us into the playoffs. Biloxi will have a winning team to cheer on and it’s our job to bring home the hardware.