Sea Wolves Sign New Goalie

by Zachary Morgan

Joe Pace Jr. signs Liam Murray to the Mississippi Sea Wolves as a Goalie. Joe Pace had this to say about signing Liam Murray :

"Im so excited to get him on the ice for Training Camp and see how well he works with the team. His size and his stats as a goalie really impressed me. I can't wait to put him to work! " - Joe Pace

I had a chance to sit down with Liam and ask him a few questions about signing and how he feels coming to South Mississippi to play for the Sea Wolves. Here is what he had to say....

What were your first thoughts when you found out you were coming to South Mississippi to play for the Sea Wolves ?

Liam : " I was extremely excited, coming from South Florida where I grew up on the water and being able to be somewhere so similar is great. I also heard that Mississippi has some of the best fans! "

Looking at your career stats you have never finished a season under a .850 SV%, with that being said what are some things you feel you can still improve on this season?

Liam : " Honestly, everyday I am learning new techniques to perfect my game. Working on my odd man rushes could be a huge factor to help my team when they need it most.

The Goalie is usually the back bone of the team, the last line of defense. Are you prepared to be the heart and soul of the team and accept the leadership role that comes with being the goalie?

 "Absolutely, Hockey is all bout teamwork however getting the support from the other guys is key. I plan to be there for all the boys when they need as that's how championship teams win."

Being on the opposing side of the puck last season playing against the Sea Wolves. What are some things you feel the team could improve on?

Liam : " Thankfully,  I was only at Delaware for a short time as a small debut and did not play the Sea Wolves. This is because the rumor was the Sea Wolves was a good team and I would have been in for a battle"

What have you been doing in the off season to stay in shape?

Liam : "I currently have been skating with a few Florida Panthers from the NHL, as well as playing in a 3v3 league here in Florida called the Sunshine State League. I also have been working out everyday at a gym called " Next Level" which I've been training with for multiple years now.

Last Question Liam, can we get a future prediction. How many scoreless games will you have this season?

Liam : " My future prediction obviously to never let a puck in the goal haha. But on a serious note I'm not one to really set goals like this for myself, instead I love to win and helping the team at all cost matters most to me! "