Sea Wolves Sign Two-Way Forward

by Zachary Morgan & Amy Bowman

Mississippi Sea Wolves Announce Signing of New Player,  Danny Liscio.

Biloxi, Miss. [July, 31st  2023] – The Mississippi Sea Wolves are thrilled to announce the addition of Danny Liscio to their roster for the upcoming 2023/2024 season. With his exceptional skills, experience from both North America and Europe, and dedication to the game, Liscio is set to become a key asset to the Sea Wolves in their pursuit of a championship title. 

According to Joe Pace Jr., the team's coach, Liscio brings a wealth of talent and intelligence to the ice. His style of play perfectly aligns with the Sea Wolves' strategy for success. "Danny is going to be a great addition to our roster,” said Pace, “He plays a smart game and has experience from playing in several countries at high levels. Our goal is to win a championship and Danny is going to be filling a role. We see his line supporting and providing secondary scoring." 

Upon signing with the Mississippi Sea Wolves, Liscio expressed his enthusiasm for joining the team and representing Biloxi. "I was very excited to join the Sea Wolves. I’ve only heard good things about the team and the city. Can’t wait to get down there," said Liscio. 

In preparation for the season, Liscio dedicates considerable effort to off-season training, with a specific emphasis in mind. "I try to focus mostly on foot speed for off the ice training in the summertime, so I spend a lot of time at the track," he shared. "On game days, I like to go for a walk in the morning to get my body moving early, then try to rest and relax before I head over to the rink. I also like to get to the arena pretty early and have a coffee when I arrive." 

When asked what position he would play if he wasn’t a forward, Liscio humorously revealed, "I would probably pick goalie. When I was younger, I would go in the net a lot when playing street hockey." 

Regarding his playing style, Liscio emphasized being a good two-way player, utilizing his hockey smarts to create space on the ice and contribute to scoring opportunities. The Mississippi Sea Wolves are looking forward to witnessing Liscio’s skills in action as the team gears up for an exhilarating 2023/2024 season. The team definitely has their sights set on the commissioner's cup this season and Liscio does as well adding “I want to help bring a championship to Mississippi.”